The Worsley's!

We are Mandy and Steven Worsley and we are adoptive parents to two children. We adopted our son at the age of 9 months in June 2005 and our daughter at the age of 11 months in 2007. I, Mandy am a qualified children’s nurse (RN CHILD) and have worked in a variety of roles within the NHS for the past 26 years.

For the last 15 years I have worked closely with school aged children supporting them with all aspects of health both, social, emotional and physical. My role also involved supporting Looked after Children, and families going through the child protection process.


A wealth of experience...

Since 2016 I have undertaken additional training to become a relax kids coach and a freedom fertility formula coach. Both of these roles involve helping and supporting children and adults to understand their emotions and how this can affect their physical and mental health. I have also qualified in a variety of holistic therapies.

Outside of my day job I have been an independent panel member for the charity After Adoption since 2008. I have worked for them as a preferred provider as an advocate for adoptive families who may need support in schools. I am also a volunteer for the post adoption team Adoption Now.

Steven and trained to be foster carers in 2018 and plan to offer support for babies needing adoption.

Stevens background was as an auto electrician from leaving school until 2005 when we adopted our son, where at that time he decided to retrain as a tree surgeon and ground worked running his business from the family farm. By becoming self employed it gave him the flexibility to be at home and be a hands on dad. Steven has been able to parent the children with me 50/50 as he is around every day, once at school he would take them and pick them up, often cycling over the local reservoir with the children on their bikes. Steven’s ambition has always been to make a home for his family on the farm and that was the start of our dream to build Chetham Farm Retreat.